Riccardo Paoletti


Born in Arezzo (Tuscany), his love for cinema brought him to leave his family home to attend high school in the USA and then to dive into the „great and shiny“ world of advertising in Milan where he nowadays lives.

After working as production assistant, clapper loader, assistant director and agency producer, on 1996 Riccardo’s career as a director starts. He begins directing music videos (up to 40 productions) for at least two years increasing his experience in the production of nice but „low budget“ films. He is now an experienced but still young director specialized in big national and international clients (Nestle‘, P and G, Kraft, McDonalds…).

His work is mainly based on story telling, humor, visual image treatment and special effects. He also likes kids commercials.

Save The Children

KFC – Chizza

Braun – Wife

Comix Cat

Sky Birth

Kit Kat

Sky Pass