Juuso Syrjä


Director Juuso Syrjä is an awarded director from Helsinki, Finland. Juuso has directed over 400 commercials and music videos around the globe; from Brazil to Japan, From Cuba to Kazakhstan.

His clients include international brands such as McDonald’s, Finlandia Vodka, Bacardi, Snickers, Samsung, Nokia, Schweppes and Adidas.

Juuso loves commercials with simple storytelling, together with interesting characters and a spice of humor. He has a keen eye for stunning visuals, which is one of his trademarks as a director. Juuso’s passion for cooking and being a wannabe-chef means he loves to do all the food and liquid films. His dream came true when he got the chance to direct world’s best chefs while shooting the food documentary “Cook It Raw.“

Veikkaus – Teemu / Erkkaa Varteen

Veikkaus – Lotto “Tuhlaajapoika”

McDonald’s McCafe – Perfect Drink


Schweppes – Ship

K-Supermarket – Australia

Fast – Go. A Do. A Repeat.

Lapin Kulta